Самоподготовка для 5-6 классов — The 6-th form

The 6- th form

I.Выбери и подчеркни в скобках правильный перевод гла­гольных форм.

1. It’s my first visit to London. It really has got many interesting places to see.  I have seen (видел, увижу, вижу) the Queen’s London home. It’s beautiful! I am watching (смот­рел, смотрю, посмотрю) the Changing the Guard.

2.  The British Museum is great. I have never thought (думал, подумаю, думаю) that there are so many interesting things. In the museum of our town I saw (увижу, вижу, видел) some old things but here they were older.

3.  I am going to visit (посетил, собираюсь посетить, посе­щаю) the Tower of London. I will see (увижу, вижу, видел) its famous ravens.

4.  Tomorrow we are going (ходили, идем, ходим) to Covent Garden Opera. I don’t know (не знаю, не знал, не узнаю) if I like (понравилась ли,  понравится ли,  нравится ли) opera or not but I want (хочу, хотел, захочу) to see this famous building (здание).

5.  Hyde Park is green and quiet. Yesterday I walked (гуляю, гу­лял,  погуляю) there.  I was tired (устал, устаю, устану).

6.  I  am  going to  listen  (послушал,  собираюсь  послушать, слушаю) to a rock concert. I think I will spend (проведу, провел, провожу) a nice day.


Weather and What to Wear.

During spring (March, April, May), the days can be very changeable, from warm sun to cold wind and rain, so take a sweater and a jacket. Most summer days (June, July, August) are warm and sunny, so T- shirts are ideal, but bring light sweaters or a jacket for the cooler times of the day. Autumn (September, October, November) is one of the best seasons. The early mornings and evenings begin to get a little colder, but September is often like a summer month. But bring a raincoat. Winter (December, January, February) has Britain’s shortest days, it is seldom freezing, many days are bright and lovely, sometimes it is snowy. Bring some warm clothes. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes or boots.

Определите предложения, которые соответствуют тексту.

1. The weather can change fast during spring.
2. Not all days are hot in summer.
3. Weather at the beginning of autumn is nice.
4. Winter in Britain is very frosty.


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