Самоподготовка 9 класс Progress Check

1 Progress check 

a) Listen to the text about the book fair. Read the sentences and tick the correct ones.

  1. This text is a police report about some criminals known for stealing antique books and fine arts.
  2. The book fair is held in the city every year.
  3. Visitors can buy books there and can win them as prizes in different competitions.
  4. Buying books is the only entertainment at the exhibition.
  5. The exhibition is the wrong place for young children because they get bored there.
  6. It is a very quiet place and nothing happens there during the day.
  7. Everyone can reserve a ticket and visit the exhibition.

b) Listen to the text again and fill in the missing information.

  1. The book fair is held from… to..
  2. It is open to visitors every day from… to…
  3. If you want to get more information on the book fair, use the telephone number 7845

2 Read the text and do the tasks below.

When I was as old as my daughter is now, my parents were not happy with my behaviour. I argued with them, ignored their orders and didn’t appreciate thei care. Now I see how wrong I was; they wished me only good. Now I have a teenage daughter myself. I think that the main thing with teenagers is not to overcontrol their lives and not to take care of them too much. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? But I mean that parents shouldn’t check if their children’s schoolbags have been packed or their school uniforms are clean and tidy. I never tell my daughter Sarah that she shouldn’t drop her school blazer in the corridor and or that she should go to bed on time I accept that she can plan her day and can keep her school uniform wherever she likes: on the floor or under the bed or in her own schoolbag. But she should look tidy at schoo and shouldn’t make a fuss in the morning if she is late and her dress doesn’t look right.

I don’t support the idea of prohibiting something without a good reason. Last month Sarah declared that she was grown up enough to arrange home parties for her friends. I didn’t object to it but explained to Sarah that her responsibility was not only to make up the list of the guests but to manage the whole event: to arrange the time that fits the plans of the family, to think about snacks and drinks beforehand, to make up a scenario for the party and to find time to tidy up the flat before and after the party. I asked her to make up a kind of a business plan for the event and if everything was OK, there was really no reason to prohibit it, was there?

Sarah put off the party several times. She did it, not because I didn’t let her invite the friends, but because she, herself, couldn’t prepare everything on time. She acted like a grown-up, not a naughty demanding child.

I’m sure that my tactic works with my daughter. She understands now why I don’t allow her certain things. She sees the reason behind it instead of as a parent’s wish to treat her as a child. She often asks for my advice and appreciates it when I give it to her. In her turn, she tries to support me in difficult situations. She understands that it’s not easy to be adult and independent and to manage life as best you can.

1  Choose the best ending to the sentence.

Sarah’s mother thinks that the best way to treat teenagers is…

  1. to prohibit everything.
  2. to let them do whatever they like.
  3. to make them realise responsibility for their actions.
  4. to make them do what their parents tell them to do.

2  Find the sentence that is not true.

  1. Sarah had to put off the party because her mother didn’t let her invite the friends she wanted.
  2. Sarah thought that she was grown up enough to arrange a party.
  3. Sarah accepted that arranging the party is not only making a list of the guests.
  4. It took Sarah a lot of time to arrange everything necessary for the party. 

3  Look at the text again. Notice the lines in bold. Choose what Sarah’s mother means there.

  1. Sarah keeps her blazer under her bed and I can do nothing about it.
  2. It’s her business where she keeps her blazer. I don’t care how she looks at school.
  3. I don’t care where she keeps her blazer but she should look nice and tidy at school.
  4. Sarah can keep her blazer wherever she likes. I’ll help her to clean and iron it in the morning.

Do you think that Sarah’s mother is right when she says that parents should not take too much care of teenagers? Give your reasons.

5 Choose the right option and fill in the gaps.

  1. His essay is very good. It… the top mark, I believe.
  2. I don’t think anybody can help me in this situation, but I … your offer to help anyway.
  3. You shouldn’t be rude to people who are trying to help you…. their advice if you don’t like it, but behave yourself.
  4. I’ve known Tommy since our early childhood. He is a true friend. I can … him in any situation.
  5. Nobody except us knew about the plan. It means that the person who … us is here in this room.
  6. I envy her because she is so good at languages. She … Italian for only a year and can already speak it perfectly.
  7. When the fire began, I found out that the door was locked. It was my roommate who … me from the fire.
  8. My roommate is a real chatterbox. If she doesn’t stop talking in a minute, we … again, I’m afraid.


  1. a) appreciates                       b) deserves            c) relies                                 d)  supports
  2. a) rescue                                 b) envy                     c) betray                              d)  appreciate
  3. a) ignore                                 b) deserve               c) confess                            d)  follow
  4. a) is relying on                     b) rely at                  c) has relied on                 d)  rely on
  5. a) had betrayed                   b) betray                  c) has betrayed                d)  was betrayed
  6. a) have been learning       b) had learnt           c) has been learning       d)  was learning
  7. a) rescued                             b) has rescued        c) had been rescuing       d)  rescues
  8. a) have quarrelled             b) will quarrel         c) quarrel                            d)  are quarrelling


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