Самоподготовка 9 класс — Mass media

The 9-th, unit 3

I. Television

The first commercial television broadcast was made on April 20, 1939 by Radio Corporation of America. Since 1939, it has become one of the most important facts of modern life. Television is very much a part of modern world. Its effects are felt all over the world.
Television is a reflection of the modern world, say some people. It shows contemporary society.
It affects customs and culture, others say.
Television is bad for culture because it keeps culture from growing, still say others.
Good or bad, television is difficult to avoid. Its pictures enter homes, stores, airports, and offices. It is here to stay.

b) Are the following statements true or false? Correct the false ones.
1.  Radio Corporation of America is important in the modern world.
2. Television has wide influence.
3. Television is bad for culture, some people say.
4.  Television only provides us information but doesn’t affect customs and culture.
5.  Some people try to avoid television.

II.Find a single word equivalent.

1. made to sell for profit
2.  from the time that
3.  influence
4.  of the present time
5.  to influence or change
6.  even, yet
7.  to keep away from
8.  to dislike greatly
9.  to talk about other people
10. intended to be treated as private
11. characterized by or acting with extremely rough physical force
12. all the people

III. Write the sentences in Reported Speech.
Example: I really can’t stand scenes of violence. Pat said that she really couldn’t stand scenes of violence.

1.  I won’t buy this video film.
2. I don’t like this quiz show.
3. Ads are misleading.
4. Ads put pressure on consumers.
5.  I’ve seen this programme.
6.  The performance is worth seeing.
7.  I feel like going to the concert.
8.  I’m not a telly addict.
9.  I’ve already read the gossip columns in the local newspaper.

IV. Grammar revision
Reported speech. Transform the sentences using reported speech.
Example: I’m living in Moscow now. Sasha said that he was living in Moscow now.

1. My father isn’t very well.
2. Mary and Oleg are getting married next month.
3. Olga has had a baby.
4. I don’t know what Bob is doing.
5. I saw Helen at a party in June and she seemed fine.
6. I haven’t seen Nina recently.
7.  I’m not enjoying my job very much.
8. You can come and stay at my flat if you are ever in Moscow.
9. My car was stolen a few weeks ago.
10.1 want to go on holiday but I can’t afford it 11. I’ll tell Ann I saw you.

 V. Fill in the correct word from the list:
 remote control, satellite, set, broadcast, aerial, media, schedule, viewers, programmes, channels.

 Television is one of the most popular forms of 1)____. If you glance at the television 2)____ in any newspaper, you will find a great variety of 3)____which transmit a good selection of entertaining 4)____. But this just isn’t enough. People want to get more channels than their ordinary 5)____ can pick up. For this reason, more and more paying customers are having 6)____ dishes instead so that they can receive a greater number of channels which 7)____the latest film releases and new reports. Virtually every home has at least one television 8)____. You don’t ever have to get up to change channels anymore. 9)____just sit back and use the 10)____.

VI. Match the programme types with a suitable definition, then suggested a title for each of them.

1.    series;
a)   a film based on life in the west of America;
2.     talk show;
b)  a   short programme made up of brightly colored animated drawings for children;
3.     sitcom;
4.    drama;
c)  ongoing programme about the day-to- day lives of a group of people;
5.    film
d) story   told   over   more   than   one programme;
6.    documentary;
e) a comedy series based on characters in a funny situation;
8.    cartoon;
f)   a game pr. to test one’s knowledge play for TV, radio or theatre;
9.    soap opera;
g) programme in which famous people are invited to talk informally;
10.   quiz show.
h) programme which gives factual information about a subject.


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