Самоподготовка 9 класс «Косвенная речь»

Reported speech

Test 8. Report the sentences.

1  «Go home!» — said my father.
2  «Don’t play in the street, it’s dangerous,» said his uncle.
3  «Make your beds quickly!» said the teacher.
4  «Go and buy something to eat,» said his grandmother.
5  «Change your clothes, Mike,» said his mother.
«Don’t let the dog into the room,» said Ruth.
7  «Clean the bath after you have taken the shower,» said Mary.
8  «Prepare your exercise-books,» said the teacher.
9  «Are you having your classes tomorrow?» asked Mum.
10  «Is it raining at the moment?» asked the man.
11  «Do you travel there every summer?» asked the guide.
12  «Does your friend count well?» asked the career adviser.
13  «Can you speak Italian?» wondered the woman.
14  «Have you ever seen a ghost?» asked the policeman.
15  «Did your father repair the fence?» said Nick.
16  «Were you able to visit them last Sunday?» asked the teacher.
17  «Was it snowing at this time last winter?» asked the weatherman.
18  «Have you paid for your ticket, sir?» asked the conductor.
19  «Have you heard from them recently?» asked the detective.
2O «Where do you go on vacation?» said the aunt.
21 «How many times can you make the same mistakes?» asked the teacher.
22 «How much are these jeans, please?» asked the customer.
23 «Who has told you about it?» asked my friend.
24 «What is the Russian for ‘Hello’?» asked the stranger.
25 «How many times should I tell you to keep quiet?» said the professor.
26 «Which book did you take yesterday?» asked the boy.
27  «Whose idea was it?» wondered the man.
28  «When did you visit our relatives?» asked my daughter.
29  «What have you done to clear it up?» asked my boss.
30  «Where else was this play on?» asked the clerk.

Test 9. Report the statements.

1  «We have English classes twice a week,» said the boy.
2  «The water in the river is dirty!» said the ecologist.
3  «They are working upstairs,» said Mum.
4  «She is planting roses in the backyard,» said the farmer.
5  «Our Christmas holidays are very long,» said the Briton.
6  «She was reading when her Dad entered the room,» said the boy.
7  «Mark Twain told very funny jokes and wrote nice adventure novels,» said the librarian. 8  «He has invented a lot of useful things, «said the man.
9  «The story was going on and seemed to be interesting enough,» said the girl.
10  «They’ll surely rewrite the test,» said the teacher.
11  «I’ll arrange everything in a proper way,» said the servant.
12  «I’m going to London tomorrow, Sir Henry,» said Watson.
13  «We will be having a house warming party next Tuesday,» said the girl.
14  «I’ve had enough of his stupid actions,» said the 1 woman.
15  «They weren’t able to remove the wardrobe alone,» said the man.
16  «We haven’t bought the food yet,» said Granny.
17  «She can’t swim well to take part in the competition,» said the trainer.
18  «The country has neither big rivers nor high mountains, only plains,» said the teacher.
19  «The city transport is overcrowded on week days,» said the traffic officer.
20  «The accident which happened last Monday was very serious,» said the doctor.
21  «He was operated successfully,» said the nurse.
22  «I couldn’t sleep tonight because my neighbours had a party,» said the old man.
23  «They were tired because they have been typing all the morning,» said Dad.
24  «I’ve turned off the radio earlier so I don’t know the result of the game,» he said.
25  «She didn’t let him know the news,» she said.
26 «The weather was awful and we stayed at home yesterday,» said Nick.
27  «\№ will buy clothes for the coming summer next week,» said Ann.
28  «The wall was so low that a child could jump over it,» said the gardener.
29  «Rainforests are destroyed every year by many factors,» said the lecturer.
30 «She didn’t understand the rule and did the sums wrong,» said her teacher.


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