Самоподготовка — 11 класс

Complex Object

Task: put the words in the correct order.

1.  lawyer /not /anything /My /the police /advised /to say / me /to.
2.  I /want /to wait /Can /or /me /go /do /you /now?
3. Ann (remind /to phone /Can /me /tomorrow /you?
4. She /us /in /doesn’t /to smoke /allow /the house.
5.  you /to show /Would /my /me /you /like /collection /of coins?
6.  pupil /I /to be /know /very /him /good /a.
7. got /to rewrite /The /exercise /teacher /the /the pupil.
8.  to be /expected /by /I /packed /mother /the things /my.
9. Anna /want /your /didn’t /I /to leave /home.
10. told /blackboard /The /to come /teacher /to /the pupil /the.

1. him /We /that /argument /made /silly /stop.
2. me /the door /Nobody /open /out /and /noticed /go.
3.  sooner /we /Bad /us /than /weather /return /expected / made /to.
4.  to offer /help /I /you /Peter /would /your /like.
5.  you /each /closer /I /to get /other /want /to know.
6.  to call /early /We /him /us /didn’t /for /so /expect.
7.  everybody /and /I /looking up /saw /had happened /I / something /immediately /felt /that.
8. him /to give up /bad /smoking /Everybody /promise /this /heard /habit.
9.  that /him /He /would /change /said /make /decision / nothing /his.
10.  my /She /mention /student /heard /name /first-year / somebody /to.


 Complex Subject

 I. Task: choose the right variant.

1.  She______to have the first edition of the book.
a) was said     b) were said

2.  It______that the thieves got in through the kitchen win­dow.
a) is believed     b) is believe

3.  For some reason or other she______to be grateful at all.
a) don’t seem     b) doesn’t seem

4. It______that the building has been badly damaged by fire.
a) is report     b) is reported

5.  You______to park here. It’s private parking only.
a) are not supposed     b) is not supposed

6.  She______to have done it especially for you.
a) seems     b) seem

7.  You j_____to take these things for granted.
a), are expect     b) are expected

8.  It’s nearly 8 o’clock and I ______to be meeting Ann at 8.15.
a) am supposed      b) am suppose

9.  It______that many people are homeless after the floods.
a) is think     b) is thought

10.  He______to find out a few more things about the whole business.
a) was told     b) were told

11.  The man______to be a stranger here.
a) seems     b) seem

12. The members of the committee______to have come to an agreement.
a) are understood     b) are understand

13. This process______to make a new kind of plastic.
a) are used     b) is used

14.  She _____ to have been interested in the subject.
a) is known     b) is know

15.  The new instrument______to help scientists solve many important problems.
a) is expect     b) is expected

II. Task: match the English and Russian sentences.

1. This invention is believed to help save up much metal.
2.  It is said that the company is losing a lot of money.
3.  A big group of constructors was reported to have been sent to that area.
4.  It is thought that the prisoner escaped by climbing over a
5.  Cold weather was not expected to set in so soon.
6.  When translating the text at the exam the students were allowed to use a dictionary.
7.  They are not supposed to arrive until three thirty.
8. You are supposed to be grateful when somebody does some­thing kind for you.
9.  The river is supposed to flow in this direction.
10. The Victoria Falls are said to be very beautiful.

a)  Студентам было разрешено пользоваться словарем при переводе текста на экзамене.
b) Говорят, что кампания теряет много денег.
c) Полагают, что ты должен быть благодарен тому, кто будет добр к тебе.
d) Сообщалось, что большая группа строителей была послана в этот район.
e)  Полагают, что река течет в этом направлении.
f) Полагают, что это изобретение поможет сэкономить много материала.
g) Говорят, что водопад Виктория очень красив.
h) Предполагают, что они не прибудут до 3.30.
i)  Предполагают, что заключенный совершил побег,’перебравшись через стену.
J) Никак не ожидали, что холода наступят так рано.


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